2008. Results

Tiesiog pačiai pasidarė įdomu, kiek ir kokių darbų užbaigiau per praėjusius metus.

Just an account for myself of all finished cross stitched works in 2008.

Просто самой стало интересно, сколько и каких работ закончила в прошедшем году.

Ackworth School. Ackworth Friendship Book. Motives. Finished as a box top, needlebook and floss ring tag. PIF gift.
Anchor. Renaissance On Black bookmark.
Anita's Little Stitches. Strawberry Emery.
Atalie. Mai biscornu.
Blackbird Designs. Quaker Medallion Strawberry Pinkeep.
DMC. Motives from Chinese Ballerina Shoes and Roses. Finished as bag
Gazette94. Noel freebie. Finished as a pinkeep.
Heart In Hand. Little Angel In The Sky. Finished as ornament.
Indigo Rose. Wildflower Hearts. Finished as scissor case.
Ink Circles. Cirque des Circles. Finished and framed.
Little House Needleworks. Woolen Needlebook.
Little House Needleworks. Acorns. Finished as pinkeep.
Lizzie Kate. Spooky Patch freebie. Finished as ornament.
M Design. Thistle Needleroll.
Mausimom. Autumn freebie. Finished as floss ring tag.
Olde Colonial Designs. Quaker House Sampler. Finished and framed.
Romy In Austria. Marlene's Sampler. Finished and framed.
The Cat's Whiskers. Queen Anne's Lace scissor fob
The Shepherd's Bush. Violet Needleroll.
The Shepherd's Bush. Sheree's Stocking. Stitched, but not finished as stocking.
The Shepherd's Bush. Sophie's Stocking. Stitched, but not finished as stocking.
The Sweetheart Tree. Motives from M Is For Mittens. Finished as pendibulle
The Sweetheart Tree. M Is For Mittens. Finished and framed.
The Sweetheart Tree. Lavender Luminescence. Finished as scissor case.
Trilogy. Secret Flower Bed. Finished as a box top.
unknown. Fleur tin topper

5 komentarai:

  1. Gosh you've been busy!!! Well done!!!

  2. Внушительный список! Молодец!!!Так держать!

  3. Puikus sąrašas, tik man gaila, kad negalima nuotraukų pažiūrėti...

  4. Aha, tikrai! Kur gi nuotraukos pradingo? :)


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